All eyes will be watching to see if One Bermuda Alliance MP Trevor Moniz will be allowed back in the House of Assembly later today, after he was kicked out Friday night, by Speaker of the House Dennis Lister.

This after a heated debate during the Motion to Adjourn over the recent dismissal by a US District Court of the former Government’s case against Lahey Clinic.

The former Attorney General was told to take a walk after he repeatedly accused National Security Minister Wayne Caines of “misleading the House”.

Bermuda Real File Photo 2017 Throne Speech – Speaker of the House Dennis Lister ll 

This after Mr Lister warned him that he would have to leave if he continued “his game”.

When Mr Moniz replied: “Well, that’s fine, Mr Speaker,” Mr Lister then told him to take a hike.

When contacted by Bermuda Real this morning, to find out what happens next, the Speaker of the House said: “For the record, the Member will be given the opportunity to resume his seat today, should he take the correct steps to acknowledge his disrespect of the Speaker on Friday.”

Whether in fact that will be the case, time will tell. House proceedings resume at 10am this morning and we’ll keep you posted.

The heated row on Friday night, centred around the reminder by Mr Caines, that the current Attorney General, Kathy Simmons, came into office to discover that not all the case files were kept in chambers.

The Minister also noted “allegations of documents being shredded”.

Mr Moniz insisted, on a point of order, that the files “were all with the US law firm”.

Mr Caines countered: “What type of country do we live in when we do not have files where they can be checked, where they can be managed, where they can be looked at?”

Mr Moniz replied: “The case was in Massachusetts. Wouldn’t the files be in Massachusetts – that’s where the case is.”

But Mr Caines insisted that copies of files should always be kept in the country.

At one point, the Speaker told Mr Moniz: “I think you have stretched your point,” before he warned the OBA MP that if continued “his game the door is going to be yours”.

When Mr Moniz said: “Well, that’s fine Mr Speaker,” he was told to take a hike.