Yes we’re going to go there again! What is wrong with you people?

Clearly you either missed or ignored the memo, the press releases released THREE TIMES, letting you know that there would be NO TRASH COLLECTION ON LABOUR DAY! 

Three times they reminded you that because last Monday was a PUBLIC HOLIDAY, therefore you were notified that garbage would be collected at the west end on the Saturday BEFORE Labour Day.

And once again YOU decided to do what – put your trash out on Monday, to do what – sit there all week!

This is what we as roadside residents have tolerate because of what exactly?

Oh wait – let me guess – this is that ‘Not In My Back Yard’ syndrome?

It’s not your problem because it’s out of your yard, and in the case of this householder I get to watch attract all sorts of madness, piled up along MY WALL until when – NEXT MONDAY?

Now if I decide to be not-so-neighbourly and proceed to go down HOMESTEAD LANE with YOUR TRASH and put it where I think it should go – you’re going to have a problem right?


Do me a favour and call the cops now! Tell them I sent you!

Tell I said it’s not a THREAT I Promise You Okay!

Quite frankly this household is SICK OF ALL OF YOU!