Officials at Southampton Rangers Sports Club has extended a formal apology to the Bermuda Football Association (BFA), following that recent fracas up at Somerset Cricket Club on Sunday, during the Premier Division relegation match against Somerset Trojans.

Now that the formal disciplinary process is underway, the club’s executive said  the players involved in the altercation that ultimately forced the abandonment of the game, will be dealt with “swiftly” and that “the necessary punishment” will be delivered.

A spokesperson said: “The Southampton Rangers Sports Club would like to wholeheartedly apologize to the Bermuda Football Association, the Southampton Rangers community and the island for the behavior of our senior football team.

“We as a community club are disappointed and embarrassed; we do not condone anti-social behavior either at our grounds or at neighboring clubs.

“The Club has begun the disciplinary process for the players and those involved in the altercation and will act swiftly in handing out the necessary punishment for all parties involved.

“As we strive to neutralize and curb the image of Southampton Rangers Sports Club, we do not wish for this singular incident to reflect the direction of the club. The club hold a progressive base and constantly look for forward progression to not only benefit the club but the community at large.

“It is to be noted, that among the negatives which frequently cast light on Southampton Rangers Sports Club. There are few highlights which include the creation and growth of several youth programs including the U7 and U11 youth football teams, along with the creation of the Netball team. Southampton Rangers now have a competing pool and chess team.”

On that note the statement said: “The clubhouse is the home for the number of rugby games along with the hosting of the Unity in the Community weekend surrounded by the arrival of Buju Banton in Bermuda in August of 2019.

“The club have also bred a senior national team player in the mold of Donte Brangman, who is a regular for the Seniors Bermuda Men’s Football team and competed during the Gold Cup.

“The Ed Sherlock race is held annually at the club and brings over 200 road runners to the community. Not to mention, the never-ending exploits of the infamous Southampton Rangers cricket team whose potential knows no ceiling and whose players regularly compete at Cup Match and internationally with Bermuda.

“Fortunately, for the community, Southampton Rangers is a hub for talent and growth. We acknowledge the uptick in anti-social behavior, and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce and halt any behavior in order to nurture and groom our talented youths.

“Again, we would like to wholeheartedly apologize to the community at large. Please do not allow this singular incident to reflect the direction of our club.”

  • Top Feature Photo Courtesy of TNN