The recipients of the Southampton Parish Council’s annual scholarships were announced today to a group of applicants described as “remarkable”.

Council Chairperson Stacey-Lee Williams said today: “Awarding our scholarships is a bittersweet part of our service to Southampton’s Residents.

“On one hand, we are elated to assist our young people and their families as we each deeply believe in the power of Education to change lives. On the other hand, our biggest regret each year is that we cannot give more and help even more students…so Council is proud to do what we can.”

The scholarships are awarded to “students of Southampton parish to help them to pursue their university education”.

A small ceremony was held recently at the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

This year’s Recipients are:

  • Ms Katiya Gilbert, who will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work at Oakwood University in Alabama, USA
  • Ms Veronica Swan-DeGraff, who will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedicine from Advent Health University in Florida, USA
  • Ms Gabrielle DeShields, who will be earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Union College in Nebraska, USA

Scholarship Committee Chair Sakina Darrell added: “This year’s applicants were remarkable, with the standard of each application increasing with each Applicant we interviewed.

“Southampton Residents should be especially proud because even Applicants who we could not award were so accomplished, that most of them earned scholarships from other Sources. Accordingly, we are proud of every student who applied and wish them all the absolute best in their studies.”

  • Feature Photo Supplied (Left to Right): Scholarship Recipient Ms Veronica Swan-DeGraff and Southampton Parish Scholarship Committee Chair Ms Sakina Darrell; Southampton Parish Council Chairperson Ms Stacey-Lee Williams and Mrs Jacinth Gilbert accepting for her daughter Ms Katiya Gilbert; Missing from picture: Ms Gabrielle DeShields who was abroad enrolling at the time of the Ceremony