LOS ANGELES, JUNE 18, 2018 – Los Angeles based soul/pop outfit, HEЯITAGE, release their new single ‘Red Lips’.
The soul driven track, flavored with old-school hip-hop, brings awareness to self-confidence as it relates to physical appearance.
With clever lyrics like “does fear not exist with those red lips?” and “are you still you, without those red lips?” they encourage a conversation piece about the importance of self-confidence from within. The inspirational theme being, “Confidence, with or without #ThoseRedLips.” View the “Red Lips” music video, shot in downtown L.A., here: https://tinyurl.com/ybwu52bo

HEЯITAGE’s front members Gianluca Gibbons and Hannah Eggen are originally from Bermuda.

Both members spent the better part of winter, 2018: Dec – Feb, in their homeland on a schools tour where they encouraged confidence and self-love within the islands youth: (https://youtu.be/Zz6y6meJfd8) .

They are incredibly driven by giving back to the younger generation and want to use their platform to influence change in respects to what drives confidence.

They are now taking that message to a global level by spearheading the #ThoseRedLips campaign, based off their new single “Red Lips”, to drive a social media conversation towards building self-esteem based on what’s inside. With a massive collaboration with brands and influencers, the #ThoseRedLips campaign is set to ignite a movement of pure love, acceptance, and the true value of self-confidence.

Gibbons and Eggen now call LA their home base and within the first few years of living in the city, they have already submerged themselves into the west coast culture.

They speak highly of the cities rich heritage and inspiration that has influenced their music/art in so many ways. Even more, they co-produced their upcoming original single ‘Red Lips’ with the phenomenal multi-platinum record producer, Tommy ‘D’ Daugherty, known for his work with greats such as Tupac, Celine Dion, Snoop Dogg, Paul McCartney and Prince. The record was mixed and mastered by engineer Christopher James.

‘Red Lips’ is available on all digital platforms at https://tinyurl.com/y7o3skwy. To find out how to be involved in HEЯITAGE’s #ThoseRedLips campaign and for special giveaway offers visit: http://www.htgmusic.com/thoser edlips