News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – This Friday, June 14th, Soul Food Promotions in conjunction with the Corporation of St George’s are proud to present GTyme Productionz Live Outta Da Lab Artist Showcase in King’s Square, in the ‘Ol Towne of St George’s. The free event will be officially kicking off at 7pm, with music played by GoodTyme Entertainment’s Prof Sneek Success (Nuclear Weapon), and Brotha Richie, charging the atmosphere with a variety of feel good reggae music, that the whole family will be able to come out to enjoy.

The night will also feature live performances from various artists that have come through Da Lab Studio, operated by Prof. Sneek Success and Brotha Richie, such as Saxaphonist Cal Simons, Reggae artists, Ipree, Live Wire, and then the GTyme Crew of Larrita Adderley, Brotha Richie, alongside Sneek Success as the Selecta.
“Building off of the energy, and authentic vibe that has become a signature look and sound of the work that GTyme Productionz has been putting out, we want folk to come out to enjoy a night under the stars, to hear some familiar tunes but also to support and experience what fresh new music is being produced by this group of Bermy creatives.
“We are bringing good vibes of our own, but we are inviting Bermuda to come down and bring their good vibes as well, and as a community, have a good time together.” – Brotha Richie
There will be food vendors, and more, and there is also the chance to get to see what St George’s has to offer, if it you have not been in a while. This is a FREE event, that The Corporation of St. George’s hopes can prove to be a great platform for local entertainers, and bring some fresh innovative entertainment options to Bermuda’s original capital.
For more info please refer to the Corporation of St George’s official Website or call 703-4896