News Release: ST GEORGE’S, Bermuda – The Bermuda Day Parade 2022 has given birth to a global campaign for ‘Mother Earth’ inspired by the prize winning ‘Wisdom of Togetherness’ float designed by Sophia Cannonier on behalf of the newly formed Sophia Federation.

The Bermuda Day theme ‘Togetherness’ provided the ideal opportunity for the Sophia Federation to invite all Bermudians to embrace wisdom, beauty and maternal instinct as Bermuda celebrated it’s uniquely interconnected heritage.

The ‘Wisdom of Togetherness’ entry won the Community and Cultural Affairs prize for ‘Most Beautiful Float’ and finished in second place overall as the people of Bermuda begin to collectively recover from one of the most challenging times in living memory.

The Sophia Federation float featured iconic themes associated with ‘Ma’at’ – the ancient Egyptian principle representing wisdom, justice, harmony, truth, love and balance. The Golden Scales of Isis and her progeny dominated the float near a Lotus Flower birthing pool highlighting the beauty of new beginnings. Meanwhile Ra, the pharaoh representing abundance, overlooked the entire production as the ‘Sally Bassett spirit’ – re-enacting the cabinet grounds monument to a traditional healer – was being resurrected from the fires of past and present injustice.

The Bermuda Day focus on ‘Mother Earth’ has emerged from Sophia Cannonier’s long-standing commitment to natural preventative healthcare and environmental awareness – especially in vulnerable communities that are highly susceptible to disinformation shockwaves from war, famine, poverty and disease.

The international campaign is represented by visiting dignitary HE Huda Durri, from Harar, Æthiopia’s imperial homestead who walked in front of the float to highlight Bermuda’s diplomatic connection with the former Emperor of Ethiopia, HIM Haile Selassie I, who was also the former Duke of Harar. Harar is an historically acclaimed castle for the Queen of Sheba in Ethiopia and is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Huda Durri is a descendant from the Imperial Court for Ethiopia through the Hararghe Sultanate and is now promoting insurance solutions for guaranteed fresh food in the Horn of Africa. She is using Bermuda as the global proof in concept laboratory for conflict resolution and reconciliation and to establish the prototype Earth School Curriculum by the international We Are Mother Earth Co-operative that will underwrite these satellite communities.

Her arrival in Bermuda highlights the two visits by Emperor Selassie to Bermuda in 1963 and 1967. She is now walking in his footsteps in Los Angeles to bring ‘Wisdom of Togetherness’ into the international arena for the 60th anniversary of Selassie’s historic speech to the United Nations in 1963 that inspired Bob Marley’s song ‘War’.

The Mother Earth campaign will involve overseas agencies such as the Ethiopian Consulate in Los Angeles, the Hararghe Sultanate of Ethiopia, the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire and the Circle for Humanity to name a few. The Wisdom of Togetherness float from Bermuda will also be featured in the Kingdom Day Parade 2023 – one of the largest such celebrations in America for Martin Luther King’s birthday.

The Sophia Federation welcomes the goodwill generated by the ‘Wisdom of Togetherness’ float and looks forward to further engagement with the Bermuda community as the Mother Earth campaign continues to develop.

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