It took more than two decades – 22 years to be exact, for hundreds of fans to witness a convincing three-nil victory by Somerset Trojans over Southampton Rangers at Somerset Cricket Club (SCC) on March 31, 2015.

The win secured Somerset’s first Premier Division title since 1993, and put the silver back in Silver City as SCC broke out into a jubilant celebration that went on long after the game.

In fact, the annual Open Your Heart Foundation’s Good Friday Family Fun Day, which is normally held at the Royal Naval Field was moved to SCC on Good Friday to commemorate the victory.

The trophy was set out on the field on display for all to see during the event. SCC is now officially the home of both the football league and Cup Match trophies.

The celebrations continued throughout the Easter holiday weekend with Somerset Trojans, flanked by countless fans setting out for an islandwide motorcade on Saturday just in time for Easter Sunday.

By Ceola Wilson