He always told me whenever I hear that he has gone to the hospital on his own accord to “just know that he’s not coming home”.

One thing I know for certain is my “kissing cousin” was always a man TRUE to his word.

There’s no way I can do justice to your countless stories in a day, more than likely not even a week – most definitely NOT this week!

It’s beyond words really, except to say there is no more pain and suffering.

From our family to yours, to Mrs Marjorie Talbot especially – our heart felt condolences to you and the Talbot family.

May you find peace with this heavy loss.

To this day, he is the ONLY one I know of who built not only the parts needed to fix countless machines – he would build the tool to fix it if it did not exist. He worked as a machinist for the US Military at the US bases here for nearly 50 years. And he never retired – frankly, I don’t think his clients would let him.

He is also the ONLY one who made me wait more than 30 years for an on-camera interview – promise to revisit that piece in time for Cup Match next year.

Will never forget you! You will be sorely missed. And as always – LOVE YOU!

Rest In Peace Quinton ‘Pitbull’ Talbot – one GIANT of a man – gone at 93.