Photos of this wall being repaired at Somerset Cricket Club on Saturday were circulating at a high rate this weekend.
Last week Public Works Minister told MPs, that as a club member, he would be more than willing to repair the wall, damaged two years ago as a result of hurricanes. But he said the club would have to agree not to have the Governor present the Cup Match cup.
Club President Vashun Blanchette has yet to comment on the plan moving forward. But Bermuda Real understands that plans are underway to change the longstanding tradition.
When contacted last weekend, he said: “No comment.”
This after the Minister said the Queen’s representative should not present the cup because it smacks of hypocrisy based on the fact that Cup Match originated as a result of the emancipation of slaves.
A spokesperson for Government House said Governor John Rankin will follow the wishes of SCC.
“The Governor is well aware of the importance of Cup Match and its significance in marking emancipation from slavery,” she said.
“The decision on who is invited to present the cup is a free and independent one for Somerset Cricket Club to make.
“The Governor will be happy to support the event respectfully and in the way judged most appropriate by the Club and Cup Match organisers,: she added.
Slavery in Bermuda, under the British Empire was abolished by an Act of Parliament, which came into force in 1834.
Bermuda Real reported last week that club members were going to rebuild the wall before Cup Match.
And as you can see, club members have followed through on plans to fix the wall themselves.
The only question now is who will present the cup this year? And like we said last week – TIME WILL TELL!