Jamaica Observer: KINGSTON – SOME Jamaicans are convinced that Prime Minister Andrew Holness could be trying to frustrate the nation into taking the COVID-19 vaccine by his recent announcement that the series of three-consecutive no-movement days will continue until the COVID-19 positivity rate declines to an acceptable level.

With the nation heading into the third week of three-day lockdowns – Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday – Jamaica Observer staff reporter, Jason Cross, took to the streets of Kingston yesterday and the cry from some citizens was that people who, up to recently, were against the vaccine have rushed to take the jabs due to the threat of losing their jobs. Here are their views:


I dont respect the no-movement days because I don’t see the achievement. They have not outlined the achievement after two weeks of it. What you achieve? The curfew is senseless to me because after 18 months of curfew I dont see the results.

The curfew mek you turn a prisoner. It shouldn’t even happen because a when you have a real emergency you talk bout curfew and you bring out the army and the police and everything. This is like a poppy show. The only time you hear of curfew in the USA is for security reasons like riot in a community. You can put on a curfew but its not for vaccine or to contain a virus. I dont know who and him sit dung and get that understanding, but they need to think better. What it does is make the place more congested than anything else. Everybody a pile up when they go to the supermarket. The curfew is wild and crazy and that shouldn’t be.

Miss Likkle

Him [the prime minister] a frustrate wi fi tek di vaccine and mi nuh believe inna di vaccine because the vaccine is not developed. Me learn and know seh vaccine tek years fi develop and this one tek months. Me nuh believe inna it. Wi affi try and handle it the best way we can fi survive but Mr Prime Minister, we hungry enuh and when you say no-movement day is like you want us to stay home and dead fi hungry and you naa go round and gi wi food. All you a do is just force us fi tek vaccine. We want food, work, and money.


To me, it’s like he is using brute force. Is like you affi tek it, based on the way they dealing with the vaccine thing.

To me [no-movement] is a big strain. Di Bible even tell you seh you will have all your money and can’t spend it. It come down to a system now where we are all living in a detention centre right now as human beings in our country. The only right you have to be on the road is to take the vaccine. It’s a world order issue with Andrew Holness. Is the head of the stream a do it, so him just affi follow. It is to hold down the lower class.


It may not be his intention, but it definitely feels [like he is frustrating us]. The constrictions people are under due to the lockdown and the fact that it is in demand right now for persons to be vaccinated and be given the privilege of certain situations, it definitely feels like he is trying to frustrate the people. A lot of persons are against the vaccine, but business places are saying that if you are not vaccinated you cant continue to work. That mek it seem like a lot person are going to lose their jobs because they dont want to take the vaccine. I have had persons complain to me that they took the vaccine and get alergic reaction.

You have to let the people be in the know of what exactly are the compnents of the vaccine so they would know what is going through their blood stream. I know persons who were totally against the vaccine and because he wants to go to work, he took himself and kids to be vaccinated so that he could get the freedom to roam. It definitely seems like he is frustrating the Jamaicans for them to take the vaccine.