News Release: SOCIAL JUSTICE BERMUDA, January 19, 2021 – October 8, 2020, Social Justice Bermuda (SJB) publicly objected to the appointment of Rolfe Commissiong to the Senate, as we considered him not fit to represent Bermuda in the upper house on the basis of his alleged sexual harassment history.

Today, we are publicly calling for the OBA Senator, Marcus Jones, to be removed from the Senate as, on the back of his abhorrent post made January 17, 2020 via Facebook, he, too, has proven himself unfit to represent Bermuda in the Upper House.
Marcus Jones signed his peon to Trump explicitly in his capacity as Senator Marcus J Jones. He cannot hide behind the guise of a “personal opinion” when he sought to bolster his craven devotion to the fascist Trump with the authority of his Senate position.
He declared himself a staunch supporter of:
– Concentration camps where immigrant women are involuntary sterilized, and children are kidnapped from their parents
– Sexist assault and harassment of women
– A refusal to recognize the legitimacy of democratic elections
– Advocating an attempted coup against the US Congress and Senate
– Encouraging and promoting white supremacism and fascism in the USA and elsewhere.
– Supporting the breach of international law as it regards Jerusalem and, by extension, the continuation of Apartheid and oppression regarding the Palestinian people
-How can we accept as a Senator someone who does not respect democratic elections?
-How can we accept as a Senator someone who supports the violent overthrow of parliament based on refusing to accept democratic elections?
-How can we accept as a Senator someone who supports breaking international law?
-How can we accept as a Senator someone who supports Apartheid?
-How can we accept as a Senator someone who supports the use of concentration camps?
Quite simply, we cannot. We all deserve better. Bermuda deserves better.
If the OBA thinks that someone who supports such rightwing populist positions is fit to represent them (and our island) in Bermuda’s Senate, we can only conclude that the OBA ,as a party, also supports these positions. Positions that have no place in Bermuda today, and that are the antithesis of social justice.
Marcus Jones must go. He is not fit to serve, and if the OBA support him, they are not fit to be part of Bermuda’s political conversation. It is not enough for him to be removed of his Senate seat – he also needs to be disciplined by the OBA for bringing their party, and the integrity of the Senate, into public disrepute.
We also note that the personal is political, and the OBA were quick to call out the PLP when it suited their purposes. They were vocal supporters of the island’s call to remove Rolfe Commissiong and we are expecting similar support for the call to remove Senator Marcus Jones. Unless the OBA takes action against Marcus Jones, it is clear their positions previously were nothing but opportunistic and hypocritical statements.
So, what is it OBA? Principles or opportunistic politics? Respect for democracy, human rights and international law or craven support for fascist Trump and his blatant thwarts against democracy and humanity?