Small businesses top the list of ten employers who failed to provide the Bermuda Health Council with the “evidence requested as proof that the employer had effected or continued in force a contract of health insurance” for their employees.

Ten businesses were named in the 2018 Employers’ Compliance Annual Report released on Friday as non-compliant employers affecting several employees by not paying their health insurance premiums.

According to Bermuda Health Council records, the following employers did not provide to the Bermuda Health Council the evidence requested as proof that the employer had effected or continued in force a contract of health insurance in accordance with Section 20(1) of the Health Insurance Act 1970 as at 21st June 2019.

Business Name & Number of Insureds Affected

Art Mels2
Baby Steps Nursery5
Bermy Eats4
Bull’s Head Car Wash7
First Class Aircondition Ltd.2
Home Design & Development Construction10
Jason’s Barber Shop4
Maharlika Transport Services Ltd.2
Seahorse Ltd.2
The Catalyst Group2


A spokesperson said: “This list will be updated in real time as employers provide evidence of an active health insurance policy which is verified by the insurer”.

“To monitor compliance with the Health Insurance Act, we require local insurers to report businesses with inactive (on-hold) and terminated policies with claims not being paid,” the spokesperson added.

“Insurers also inform the Council of new and cancelled insurance policies.Additionally, we accept complaints and queries from the public regarding health insurance coverage.

“The Health Council encourages you to be aware of your insurance coverage. Therefore if you know of any changes, please let us us

“If you feel you are entitled to health insurance and are not receiving coverage, or, have any questions, please contact us by calling 292-6420 or emailing

To find the updated list of non-compliant employers visit our website at: