News Release: ST GEORGE’S, Bermuda – Skyport, operators of the LF Wade International Airport, today announced the Duty Free and Specialty Retail concession for the new state-of-the-art terminal has been awarded to The Somers Isles Trading Company, with plans in place to deliver an unparalleled customer experience to Bermuda’s residents and visitors alike.

The Somers Isles Trading Company was founded and developed by local resident, Rhona Sutton, the respected owner and entrepreneur of the Rhona Sutton Group, with over twenty years’ experience developing products and designs for international clients including Harrods, Disney, Macy’s, Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton.

Combining a personal love for Bermuda with a deep understanding of leisure, resort and airport environments, Ms Sutton has spent the past two years developing a customized, branded retail concept, soon to be launched as “Love Bermuda”.

“We celebrate the colour, vibrancy, and life of Bermuda in a space where the customer experience is created through a welcoming environment, lovingly designed quality products, friendly people and excellent service,” says Ms Sutton. “The Love Bermuda product offer is a vibrant eclectic and authentic range of quality merchandise presented with elegant clarity.”

To develop the Somers Isles and Love Bermuda brands, Ms Sutton and her team have collaborated with some 45 Bermudian artisans, entrepreneurs and service companies to bring the project to life. The venture realises Rhona’s ambition to make a tangible contribution to the island of Bermuda that has been her wish since she first visited over 10 years ago,” Skyport said.

Aaron Adderley, President, Skyport, says: “It was important for us to introduce an innovative retail proposition for the new passenger terminal building. We are delighted to see Somers Isle Trading working with so many Bermudian businesses, several of whom have never before had a presence at the airport.

Ms Sutton’s vision for the stores and her attention to detail is extraordinary and when the shop doors open, travellers will be genuinely impressed with what they see.”

Fresh contemporary concepts that embrace thoughtful and innovative design celebrating the Bermudian sense of pride and community, will highlight the stories of the local artisans behind the brands, many of whom will be featured at the airport for the first time.

Ms Sutton added: “This is an exciting opportunity for the smaller Bermudian entrepreneurs who were not showcased in the current airport, allowing them now to have an international audience. This means greater exposure and scope for growth for the featured Bermudian brands, in line with our commitment to increased training initiatives and employment opportunities for Bermudians.

“The Airport team sought an elevated experience for its passengers, and we are delighted to be working with Skyport to deliver this. As an entrepreneur and business founder, I’m pleased to collaborate with so many talented people to champion their locally designed and produced brands,” she added.

While celebrating the beauty and ‘sense of place’ of Bermuda, each of the brands have their own story and ethos designed to celebrate the history and culture of the island. The Somers Isles Trading Company itself reflects the original outpost of Bermuda’s commerce formed in 1615. The branded stores at LF Wade’s new passenger terminal will also feature a carefully edited collection of wines, spirits, craft beers, tobacco and souvenirs, as well as the luxury and novelty gift collections for men, women and children of all ages.