Did you know that roughly 872,000 passengers pass through Bermuda’s airport every year?

Skyport hosted a media tour of the multi-million dollar LF Wade International Airport Redevelopment Project this week.

The extensive layout started with an in-house presentation by company head Aaron Adderley, before members of the media were outfitted in protective gear and boots for the walkabout.


The current terminal was built in 1947, with several expansions in 1959, 1968 and 1987.

It was also noted that the airport has one passenger terminal and employs approximately 2 percent of the local work force.

Moving forward, Mr Adderley said: “The redevelopment of the airport is an integral part in the revitalization of Bermuda.”

On the site plan considerations, he said the new location was chosen in efforts to:

  • Minimize the impact of construction on daily airport operations
  • Position the new terminal building away from storm surge
  • Orientation of the new terminal building allow for future expansion
  • The new design also permits for building foundations to be raised approximately 4′ from ground level

The new terminal is expected to be in operation by mid July 2020.

Works in progress include:

  • Structural steel erection and metal decking within passenger terminal building
  • Installation of deep underground services for passenger terminal building
  • Cast in place concrete for elevator shafts, slab on grade and slab on deck and roof decking
  • Processing and backfill for landside
  • BELCO building foundation
  • Hydrant fuel system installation 
  • Pouring of roof slab for raw water tank
  • Delivery of curtain wall & roofing material

The construction project started in March 2017, with the piling completion taking place in September last year, followed by the completion of the Taxiway Whiskey in October 2017.

Steel erection got underway just before Christmas in November last year and in March of this year the installation of the fuel hydrant system was completed.

The roofing phase of the project started this month, in addition to the installation of the curtain wall phase.

The baggage handling system is due to be installed in August, followed by steel and metal decking due to be completed by October.

In January next year, developers move on to making the new terminal building weather tight. By the end of the year in December 2019 they will be wrapping up the landside paving and roadworks phase.

And by January 2020, the developers will be installing building systems and doing the interior fit-out and finishing work leading up to the planned opening of the new terminal building in July 2020.

The new terminal will be able to accommodate increased passenger numbers in upcoming years.

According to Mr Adderley, it has been designed to facilitate expansion with piles and reinforced concrete foundations, a steel structure building, and steel roofing with metal panels.

The design includes the glazed curtain wall facade and six passenger boarding bridges. The airfield will be developed to accommodate additional aircraft parking. And the landscaping will be developed with a Bermuda theme.

The interior design is based on a ‘Sense of Place’ concept. Plans also include a water retention tank, a new sewage treatment tank, the new taxiway Whiskey and the New Apron VII.