News Release: St Georges, Bermuda – Bermuda Skyport issued a reminder this Cup Match holiday weekend that there are 
restrictions in place when it comes to the surrounding perimeter of LF Wade International Airport.
A statement released yesterday said: “Parking or erecting any structure within three metres of the airport perimeter fencing is strictly prohibited by law. Additionally, it is a regulatory requirement and can pose a security risk.
“Members of the community who refuse to comply could risk having their property removed.”
Mikaela Pearman, Marketing & Communications Officer, Skyport, added: “While we would like to encourage the public to enjoy the Cup Match holiday, there are certain restrictions in place at the LF Wade International Airport designed to keep everyone safe. We know that camping on Kindley Field Road is a tradition enjoyed by many; however, we ask that campers and members of the public at large be particularly mindful of these restrictions.”