Responding to the Bermuda Real report on Sunday (Dec 13) on the runway lights malfunctioning in the lead up the arrival of the British Airways flight from London, a spokesperson issued the following statement on Monday (Dec 14):

On Sunday 13th December 2020 at approximately 5:30pm the on-duty Air Traffic Control Officer attempted to turn on the Airfield lights via the panel in the Air Traffic Control Tower.  The panel was initially unresponsive and after several attempts the Officer was able to reset the system.  At 6:01pm, the Airfield Lights were turned on to facilitate the arrival of British Airways flight BA2233. The aircraft, originally expected to arrive in Bermuda at 5:50pm, landed safely at 6:13 pm.”

As it turns out Bermuda’s new Governor was also on that flight with members of her family, along with several arriving passengers – must have made quite a first impression.