Continuing its investment in youth and the community, Skyport announced this week donations to the Bermuda Sloop Foundation and the X-Roads Warriors FC Youth Programme.
The $10,000 donation for the Sloop Foundation will go towards summer voyages while the $5,000 donation to X-Roads will support its youth programme. 
Aaron Adderley, President, Skyport, said: “Supporting the community is one of the most important things a business can do.
“Skyport is focused on investing in Bermuda’s youth through education, sports and the arts. The Bermuda Sloop Foundation’s summer programme for young people is perfectly aligned with these goals and we are thrilled to be able to support it.
“We are also pleased to be able to assist X-Roads football club with their youth programme. It’s important for players to be well rounded and X-Road’s commitment to ensuring their players are engaged in the community is good to see,” he added. 
The Sloop’s Youth Skiller Voyages take place in July and August and afford students the opportunity to enjoy five days aboard the majestic tall ship. The students will learn about circumnavigation of the island, navigation and seamanship, fishing and much more. Skyport’s investment will go towards bursaries for public school students.  
Branwen Smith-King, Executive Director, Bermuda Sloop Foundation, said: “We are extremely appreciative and delighted to receive this donation from Skyport.
“These funds will greatly enhance our outreach and provide much needed bursaries to students interested in the Summer Skiller Voyage Programme, who otherwise would not have this opportunity. On behalf of the Sloop Foundation, I’d like to thank Skyport for their investment and commitment to Bermuda’s youth.”
X-Roads’ Youth Programme focuses on community investment. Youth players are encouraged to do their best on and off the pitch. Community service activities include participating in Keep Bermuda Beautiful’s annual clean-up, hosting a water stop for End to End, reading to seniors and much more. 
Saleem Talbot, President, X-Roads Warriors, said: “On behalf of the X-Roads Warriors family,
“I want to thank Skyport for its donation to our youth programme. Their donation is an investment in an organization that is at the forefront of positively changing the lives of children in the Harrington Sound /Devils Hole area and throughout Bermuda.
 “We congratulate Skyport for having the foresight to invest in the lives of these children and look forward to their continued support in the future in assisting us in our efforts to service our community. We hope others will be inspired to follow their lead in investing in Bermuda’s youth at X-Roads.”