News Release: St George’s, Bermuda, August 8, 2019 – Skyport today calls on the community to donate used luggage to assist with testing of new equipment in Bermuda’s new passenger terminal building.
If you have unused luggage you wish to donate, please email or call 299-4832 to donate by December. For every donated piece of luggage, a “tag” will be given as a raffle ticket for a monthly draw. Prizes will include gas vouchers, restaurant gift cards and grocery vouchers, to name a few.
The new airport terminal building, which will be completed next year, will have modern, state of the art equipment, including a cutting-edge baggage handling system. It was installed by Glidepath, a New Zealand-based company with nearly 50-years of experience in delivering airport baggage handling and integrated security screening systems.
The baggage handling system is used to carry bags checked in by passengers, from the flight check-in desks to a holding area where they are then driven to their plane on baggage carts.
The complex system is rigged in the ceilings of the first floor of the new building.
It consists of 242 Conveyors totalling almost 3.5 kilometres in length traveling up to 1.8 meters per second. In addition to transporting bags to the flight loading location, the system software will maintain the passenger information for each bag and monitor its position along the conveyor belts.
The new mechanical system and software package will allow passengers to experience more efficient travel processing in Bermuda and help avoid delays.
Mikaela Pearman, Marketing & Communications Officer, Skyport, says: “A fully functioning baggage handling system is an integral part of an efficient airport terminal. Skyport, along with its partners in the programme will be conducting tests and trials of the system and we encourage members of the community to donate old luggage they are no longer using, so that we can test the system efficiently.
“The testing of equipment brings us one step closer to opening a world-class airport for Bermuda.”
Bermuda’s new, modern passenger terminal building will be completed in 2020.