The LF Wade International Airport held a successful emergency exercise simulation on Tuesday night, with multiple on-island agencies participating.

The exercise was designed to test the airport’s emergency plans, with various governmental and non-governmental agencies on hand to participate in the exercise.

The event was a simulation of an oil spill, which occurred when an airline diverted to the island with a medical emergency.

More than 100 actors participated as passengers on board the JetBlue aircraft, during the exercise. Once the simulated emergency was called, the Emergency Communication Centre (ECC), consisting of Skyport, the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS), Police, Airline and other representatives, was put into action to test how its members would react in a real crisis.

BFRS were on hand to simulate preventing the oil spill from turning into a fire, which was achieved successfully. All passengers disembarked the aircraft with a few minor simulated injuries. The entire exercise took approximately two hours. All key airport agencies and emergency services responded promptly, as they would in an actual emergency.

Skyport President, Aaron Adderley said: “It’s important for us to conduct these exercises not only as part our international regulatory requirements, but to ensure our emergency response capabilities are up to par.

“We must be able to respond effectively in the event of an emergency.”

And he said: “We would like to thank everyone who participated and the public for their cooperation.”