News Release HAMILTON, Bermuda – After six weeks of intense learning and experience, the SkillCraft Social Media Internship has concluded its second summer.

Fifteen youth interns were paired with fifteen local organisations to assist with social media content planning and creation. The interns received instruction and coaching throughout the programme to enhance their social media marketing knowledge.

Beginning with a basic introduction to marketing, promotion and social media, the interns learned about creating a social media strategy and how to create effective content. They discovered how social media can be used as a marketing tool and how to keep their target audiences engaged. Recognising the shifts in the social media landscape, the interns also learned about paid social media advertising and how to use it to supplement their organic reach.

At the end of the programme, the interns presented their work to their mentors from the host organisations. Also in attendance were representatives from Centennial Bermuda Foundation, Cedarbridge Academy, The Berkeley Institute, Ignite Bermuda, Digicel and The Clarity Institute.  Centennial Bermuda Foundation’s Economic Participation Committee supported the programme with a grant of $107,000 to fund the SkillCraft Youth Internship Programme. 

The youth interns were matched with the following organisations: A’mel Spence (AboutFace Aesthetics), Amber Gibbons (Harmony Birth Services), Caelen Robinson (Bermuda Society of Arts), Daetona Simons (Blue Water Divers Bermuda), Dante Sousa (Arches Podiatry), Denaisia Bean (Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute), Gabriele Young (The Mirrors Programme), Razi Garland (Ad Astra), Kaylani Simmons (Citizens Uprooting Racism Bermuda), Kaetlyn Thompson (Bermuda National Trust), Margarida Simas (Nadz Beauty), Kemauri Darrell (Bermuda Gymnastics Association), Rhylee Edwards (Healthcare Solutions Ltd), Zaria Hill (Inspired) and Zemira Simons (Dayrosia). 

“Our interns have shown significant growth in their knowledge of social media and confidence in creating relevant, engaging content for their hosts,” stated Programme Director, Margot Shane. “We are grateful to Centennial Bermuda Foundation’s Economic Participation Committee for their generous grant and our partners for their shared resources and knowledge. This year, we were also pleased to welcome Aziza Furbert to teach the marketing and social media workshops and Veronica DeGraff to support the coaching and programme facilitation.”

Intern Daetona Simons said, “SkillCraft showed me new fun ways of being involved with business. I used to think business was just a boring office job, but now I see that if you are with the right people, it can be fun, exciting and take you places.” 

Feven Binega Northcott of Harmony Birth Services said, “The SkillCraft Programme is an incredible programme for small businesses to engage with young people and leverage the power of social media marketing. Most of us recognise how marketing can enhance our ability to reach our clients in the community but lack the time, skills or enthusiasm to keep up with the dynamic landscape of social media. Having an intern with the skills and know-how to help me connect with my audience has taken a huge load off my to-do list! It is free of cost to businesses so long as you prioritise taking the time to get to know your intern and dedicate the time to provide feedback, so expectations are communicated clearly. “

Recruitment for next year’s internship will begin in January 2024. To learn more about the SkillCraft Social Media Internship Programme, please visit