Jamaica Observer CLARENDON, Jamaica – Six females, aged 15 to 52, are currently in police custody awaiting charges for their involvement in a mob attack on a 14-year-old girl in Clarendon on Saturday. The genesis of the incident is reportedly linked to a love triangle, although the victim herself was not directly part of the romantic dispute.

According to Superintendent of Police in charge of the Clarendon Division, the necessary investigations are underway so that those involved can be charged.

“They are in custody and the necessary due diligence is being carried,” Russell said.

He also decried the actions of those involved in the mobbing.

“The genesis of this incident would have been from a love triangle, and although the 14-year-old herself was not a part of this love triangle, she has a family member who is involved, and as such, she was targeted. Actions like these are despicable, and it can’t be that grown persons who are supposed to be setting examples for the younger ones are the persons that are involved in beating a child,” Russell told Observer Online.

He is also encouraging parents and adults to protect their children.

“She received serious head injuries but was released from hospital. However, we are awaiting the medical report to determine the seriousness of the charges.”