No official word yet from the Department of PUblic Transportation (DPT), the Minister or Ministry of Transport, but Bermuda Real has just confirmed that six bus operators have tested positive for COVID-19.

Informed sources also stated this morning that unlike the previous outbreak and lockdown, government set up a testing site for bus operators at the terminal building on Palmetto Road.

This time around, one driver said they are now required to make appointments to get tested off the job site on a regular basis, while they “struggle to provide a transportation service to the public”.

One driver said: “The Government should be able to provide testing at the job site, which is what they did the last time.

“Now we’ve got to go make appointments, then make time to make that appointment. This is a pain in the ass!

“Have that guy come up and test the drivers, they can’t do that again? This is pissing me off!

“We provide a service for the public. We make sure that this service runs for the public!

“Why should we have to go out there and everybody make appointments and then you have to wait to get an appointment in!

“Have the guy or someone come up here and get us tested for Government!

“I just don’t understand man – honestly!”

Efforts to get an official comment went unanswered at time of publication.

We’ll keep you posted.