News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Last week (April 8), Deputy Premier Walter Roban and Head of the Public Service, Dr Derrick Binns recognized Mr Sheridan Ming as the March recipient of the Bermuda Government’s Public Service Excellence Award (PSEA).

The PSEA is a programme that recognizes outstanding achievement by Public Officers. Mr Ming is the Assistant Buildings Manager for the Department of Public Lands and Buildings, within the Ministry of Public Works.

In his vast role, he is responsible for maintaining Government buildings and properties to ensure the safety of all occupants and smooth functioning of daily operations.

Mr Ming has been described as an “unsung hero” by his colleagues, who have observed his ongoing professional work ethic and “can-do” attitude in handling emergencies that often require attention outside of regular working hours, including weekends and holidays.

Deputy Premier Roban, Dr Derrick Binns and Sheridan Ming

A few examples of the myriad of building related matters that Mr Ming has recently resolved include, repairing security system failures, plumbing issues, critical building faults, and HVAC malfunctioning.

Most importantly, he also met the unexpected challenges of adapting all of Government’s buildings to ensure they comply with COVID health and safety regulations. These are all in addition to his regular duties.

Deputy Premier Roban said: “Thank you Mr Ming for your hard work and dedication to your role. We have all witnessed your efforts to go the extra mile and Bermuda is fortunate to have committed public officers like you. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition.”

Head of the Public Service, Dr Derrick Binns, said: “Mr Ming’s professionalism and reliability are truly worthy of recognition, although often unnoticed by others simply due to the unwitnessed nature of his role.

“He resolves problems before they have the chance to negatively impact or impede staff or the public. His role is instrumental to the general maintenance of the Public Service, and we are incredibly grateful for his diligence.”