Jamahl Simmons, Minister of Tourism & Economic Development

This just in, Public Works Minister Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch and Tourism Minister, Jamahl Simmons, who is also responsible for Economic Development, have just announced that Shelly Bay Beach, will be taken off the list of tourism beach agenda.

Speaking live on the Sherri Simmons Show this afternoon, directly following a meeting with concerned residents, including the group citing the access concerns on behalf of Bermuda’s disabled, both Ministers confirmed their recommendations to Cabinet moving forward.

“We’ve had an excellent meeting and come to terms of understanding on a number of issues and we will be going to Cabinet with,” said Colonel Burch.

The top two recommendations will be:

  1. that Shelly Bay be taken off the beach agenda in so far as national formal activities
  2. accessibility for the physically challenged and chief engineer already sent me some photographs and moving forward

The public consultation meeting set to get underway at 6pm this evening at Shelly Bay Park, featuring concessionary treats being proposed on the road ahead, the Minister said: “The event will go ahead as planned, but there will be no protest.

“Both I and my colleagues will be on site for exchange,” he added.

“It’s funny what happens when you sit across the table and talk to people directly, because there are a lot of misconceptions.

“We just left the meeting with concerned residents on what they would like to see at Shelly Bay. Now we’re going back to Cabinet to recommend what it will be and we will still be at vending.”

Minister Simmons added: “It was important for us from the very beginning.

“We wanted something the community wants to embrace, that will work for the community and the Government.

ntiy want to embrace that will work for the community and the government = jamahl

the government manages the parks, minister burch manages the park and we were always clear on who runs