Area residents who stood against plans to transform the Shelly Bay Playground into a parking lot on public land, have effectively stopped initial plans restaurant development plans.

Works Minister Craig Cannonier informed objectors on Friday that there will be no playground erected “on the popular, green public picnic area, and next to the public playground”.

Members of the Community Against The Shelly Bay Parking Lot, including area MPs Derrick Burgess and Wayne Furbert were informed “of the settling of this issue” by the Minister on Friday.

Spokeswoman Cheryl-Ann Griffin, said the “welcoming news” also included word that Shelly Bay Beach House “would not be proceeding with plans to erect questionable proposals such as a pier, a water slide, or the rental of jet skis”.

In a statement released yesterday, Ms Griffin also said: “They will not attempt to encroach on the public lands or beach with reserved beach seating for the Shelly Bay Beach House Restaurant.”

She joined other “grateful grandparents, Ms Marianne Penner and Mr. Alan Smith” to ” enjoy the swings” at Shelly Bay Playground, on hearing the news.

“The Community Against The Shelly Bay Parking lot are grateful to all of the residents who recognized that the creation of this parking lot would restrict their freedoms of use of the picnic areas and pose a safety hazard to children playing in the area,” said Ms Griffin.

“These community members made their feelings known through a community meeting held at Francis Patton School, the submission of over 1,000 signatures on petitions that circulated the island, and the numerous objection letters sent by concerned neighbours, individuals and organizations.”

But she said: “The partners of The Shelly Bay Beach House remain in consultation to make adjustments that will satisfactorily serve The Shelly Bay Beach House Restaurant while preserving the rights and freedoms of the public to safely and without hindrance, enjoy Shelly Bay Beach and Park.”

By Ceola Wilson