Public Works Minister, Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch and Minister of Economic Development and Tourism Jamahl Simmons “received a proposal for potential development” at Shelly Bay Beach from the group calling for a plan that best suits the entire community, including Bermuda’s disabled throughout the year.

This after the Minister responsible for public property including parks and beaches, said Shelly Bay Beach will be removed from the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s list of beaches in line for tourism-related upgrades.

Minister Burch and the Minister of Tourism made the announcement, the day after meeting with group members Laverne Furbert, Esme Williams, Cheryl-Ann Griffith and Allan Smith.

Since that meeting, the Bermuda Government tweeted the photo featured above, with a caption noting receipt of the proposal for potential development at Shelly Bay Beach from members of the group.

Both Ministers stated during a live radio interview that Government will follow through on the group’s request that serious consideration be given to their alternative view on plans for Shelly Bay Beach moving forward.