I have talked out loud to myself for most of my life and I taught my daughter to do the same.

I must remember to ask her if she still has those ‘out loud’ conversations.

Regardless of what they say, in my world it makes perfect sense to talk to one’s self.

When she was a young child, I remember telling her to go and look in the mirror and tell the ‘Grumpies’ to leave her alone. And just for the record, the Grumpies usually attack during sleep. You wake up miserable, knowing that you are unreasonable, yet powerless to shake it off.

When I suggested, that she confront the Grumpies head-on and insist that they leave her in peace, she must have thought the advice had some merit. I can see her now as she trots off to the bathroom mirror to confront the Grumpies: “You leave me alone now you old Grumpie!”

I remember smiling to myself because she said it out loud with so much passion. “Atta girl, you tell ‘em Whitney!”

Now when she looked into the mirror, do you suppose that she was seeing herself? Even at four-years-old she understood that the Grumpies couldn’t really be seen with the naked eye. She had to have a word with that Grump and she had to be serious about it. She had to look at that other SELF! The Grump lived somewhere between her and her reflection.

I love that old Michael Jackson song, ‘Man in the Mirror’, don’t you?

I don’t talk to myself because I’m losing it. I talk to myself to keep from losing it.

Looking in the mirror is a metaphor for looking beyond the superficial and being courageous. Like advertisers, I understand the power of imagery, and if you want to stay positive, you had better have something positive that you look at every day.

If the art you choose doesn’t lift you up, inspire you to self-correct when you go off course, and keep you rooted in your own humanity, then it isn’t worth much at all.

By Sharon Wilson

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