In an era where news is dispensed with lightening speed and people’s patience demands that you get your message across in nano seconds, a traditional artist has to find herself questioning exactly where does that leave me?

I am accustomed to to spending maybe 20+ hours or however long it takes developing a painting. Since I want to be able to be a part of the discourse in Bermuda, I have had to resolve this issue.

I began as an illustrator, and I’m relying on my ability to use this skill now. Those on Facebook have watched me find my sea-legs.

Here is a recent example. This painting was a part of my Gold Collection five or more years ago, but look at him.

When I register my concern about Immigration Reform, I think of children like him and of his future. I don’t believe there is any serious preparation being made for Bermuda’s children and their real opportunity to become property owners in their own country.

I see them being more and more displaced, their future more and more compromised, so I pose the question.

I don’t have faith in Governments really, they say they have allegiance to us the voters, but they really give their allegiance to whomever it is they make deals with in the dark, but I do have some faith, in the people.

Faith that even though we are passive in so many ways will not sit quietly doing irreprible harm to our children because we fear being seen opposing the status quo.


I strive to be forthright and respectful in what I say and in how I say it. I love the people I paint.

We are good people, now we need to learn that being “good people” does not mean that we should be giving to the point where we do a disservice to ourselves and to future generations.

As an artist I am still evolving. I welcome the dialog especially those whose views differ from mine.

Some messages are imploring the viewer to look as Michael Jackson said at the “Man In The Mirror” In the context of social commentary, it is essential to both write and paint to the issue, I am not skillful enough rely on the painting alone.

And because the text qualifies image, one picture can tell a thousand different stories depending on the context in which it is framed, so I don’t need to paint a thousand different paintings.

I think I wimped-out somewhat on this one. It’s a valid message, though it feels like one that should have come from Government but didn’t.

I wonder if they’d like me to help them in some way? Public service messages are very important. I think I just wanted to scream “STAND UP BERMUDA”.

Naturally I talk to parents through my paintings. I really wish I had greater access to them. They need encouragement. Iv’e been a mother and a teacher and my art has positioned me to wiggle my way to the soft spot and hopefully plant encouraging and or cautionary messages.

Then there are the quote “inspirational messages” but really I hope that all my images are inspirational. Naturally my studio in Southampton is open where a number of new works are on the drawing board, my Neighborhood series and my 2016 Children Collection.

By Sharon Wilson

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