The following statement was released on February 1, 2023, by One Bermuda Alliance MP, Susan Jackson, Shadow Minister of Transport…

American Airlines’ Miami direct flight is yet another casualty in airlift to and from Bermuda. This is an indicator our Bermuda tourism product is in crisis.

The Minister of Transport said Bermuda is one of many markets in which they have been forced to reduce summer capacity. I challenge the Minister to explain why many of our direct competitors to the south are enjoying full summer airlift capacity and record breaking tourist arrivals?  

From the outside looking in, it’s becoming increasingly clear, the Bermuda government is failing in its ability to create an environment of collaboration between hoteliers, airlines and the Bermuda Tourism Authority. How many taxpayers’ dollars have been spent on promotion in the Miami market which is now wasted without a convincing argument from stakeholders to keep such an important direct flight?

Of additional concern is the government’s inability to advocate for local travellers. Many families living in Bermuda have relatives and friends in the Caribbean and the loss of the Miami flight undoubtedly makes connections to islands to our south much more costly with complicated flight connections.  

Bermudians love to cruise. Navigating connecting flights to meet strict cruise check-in embarkations can become nerve racking, or lead to spending additional money for overnight stays.  

Our regular Miami commuters, particularly students, will now have the inconvenience and insecurity of connecting through unfamiliar air terminals.    This is just another example of the disconnected approach government seems to be taking in the island’s efforts to restore and build our airlift capacity.