The following statement was released by One Bermuda Alliance MP, Susan Jackson, the Shadow Minister of Transport on Thursday, November 18, 2021…

It’s time for the motoring community to be brutally honest. We have to re-examine our responsibility on the roads. Do we have to speed to get there? Will overtaking really make that much of a difference in time to get to your destination. Is your life or someone else’s worth it?”
While we can appreciate the services of the Bermuda Police Service, better enforcement on the roads is imperative. In some cases the Police need to save people from themselves. 
To the Minister of Works & Engineering, a number of roads in Bermuda are deplorable and need attention. When will this be addressed? It’s not equitable for road users to be focusing on the road while dodging potholes.
The Shadow Minister of Transport called on W&E, Road Safety Council, Bermuda Police and Transport to act on published transport recommendations. The Transport Ministry has produced data-based actions, but we’ve seen little done in these areas:
  • Review and update the Traffic Handbook and licensing requirements
  • Task Bermuda police, TCD and Public Works with upgrading existing warning equipment to ensure the highest levels of road safety
  • Review the penalties laid out in the Road Traffic Act 1947 with a view to updating and strengthening them
If government can’t change our culture of road behaviour and ensure residents and visitors can safely drive to and from their destination, we’re failing our social responsibility. Road safety must be a reliable and safe means to navigate our island and Government has a role to play in the solution.