• The following statement was released by the Shadow Minister of National Security, Michael Dunkley, MP, One Bermuda Alliance…
The One Bermuda Alliance is alarmed and concerned that violence has marred the weekend with shootings and stabbings. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those family and friends impacted.
While there are many underlying causes to the violence experienced, and they must be discussed and examined, now is the time for the community to assist the Bermuda Police Service with any information to help bring the culprits to justice.
The Bermuda Police Service should be applauded for their ongoing work to tackle violence in our community. Due to the number of horrific incidents their workload is heavy and their work is appreciated.
However, the BPS can not do it by themselves. Violence as witnessed this weekend has no place in our community. On a small island where little goes unnoticed there are people who can help solve each and every incident. Silence is not an option.
Confidentiality can be protected. We must all work together with the BPS and any partner agencies to help solve these crimes.
We must not allow violence to continue to tear apart our families and neighborhoods. If we stand up we can help build back stronger families and stronger neighborhoods throughout the island.