• The following statement was released today by One Bermuda Alliance MP Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, Shadow Minister of Health…
Yesterday’s announcement of the acquisition of two medical practices by a major insurance company has raised questions in respect of conflict of interest.
It does not seem to be the perfect marriage for someone who is paying the bills to have under their thumb the person who is providing the service for which the bill is being paid. Quality and standards may be compromised. Why was the Bermuda Health Council not consulted?
In light of this major variance from segregation of responsibilities, we would have expected that the Minister of Health on behalf of the Government would provide a statement to the public so that there is clarity. Does it mean that any patient who is covered by the insurer will be required to attend the offices of the physicians who are part of this conglomerate?
Is there an attempt to minimize choice? What happens to the practices of other doctors who have not been embraced within this new arrangement? How will premiums be impacted?
In the absence of information, it appears that we are on a major collision course between quality and standards. Surely, an explanation is needed.