Forecasters at the Bermuda Weather Service (BWS) have cancelled the Severe Weather Watch issued early this morning, although “non-severe thunderstorms are still moving through the area”.

According to the update posted at 8:20am, a Thunderstorm Advisory remains in effect but “a  brighter start to the work week is in store with plenty of sunshine”.

Forecasters recorded nearly four inches of rain during the heavy early morning downpour, commonly referred to by Bermudians as “good tank rain”.

BWS Duty Forecaster James Dodgson said: “Most of the rain came with the thunderstorms very early this morning.

“We recorded 3.74 inches in total or 95.1mm, which is a considerable amount of extreme rain.”

Up until this weekend he said: “We were above average 22.84 inches when the average is 20 inches. This will put us up to at least approximately six inches above average for the year to date.”

Asked whether this sort of weather is unprecedented for Bermuda at this time of year, he said: “Unusual for May but not unprecedented.

“We normally expect the influence of the Bermuda High by this time. But it has been a bit more unsettled then it would be at this time of year but not unprecedented.”

Gale force wind gusts were recorded at the airport overnight at gale force up to 36 knots, mainly due to the strong winds behind the weather system that hit the local area early this morning, Mr Dodgson added.

A Gale Warning for the Marine area was posted this morning and a Small Craft Warning goes into effect for the local area this afternoon.

Meanwhile, “strong gusty winds, patchy rain, embedded showers and thunderstorms persists (possibly severe), as inclement weather moves in from the west”.

Forecasters say: “The instability is the result of the convergence of low pressure features as they meet the nearby frontal boundary, that stretches just to our south.

“During this afternoon, a ridge of high pressure presses in from the north influencing the return of increasingly settled weather for a couple of days, along with gradually easing winds.”