News Release HAMILTON, Bermuda The Ministry of Economy and Labour is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Heavy Highway Construction Asphalt training programme, a collaborative effort with Joell’s Asphalt Service & Maintenance Ltd. and Urban Construction.

This comprehensive training initiative has equipped seven young Bermudian men with industry-standard National Center for Construction Education and Research NCCER credentials, marking a significant milestone in Bermuda’s commitment to fostering a skilled and capable workforce.

The training programme, centered on theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and on-site experience, has been developed in close collaboration with internal and external stakeholders within the construction, vocation, and trades industry.

Participants were immersed in a curriculum that covered a wide range of subjects, including heavy truck operation, heavy equipment handling, crane operation, below-grade construction, basic asphalt applications, and introduction to various trades such as masonry, drywall, roofing, painting, maintenance, landscaping, and asphalt construction paving.

Over the course of two months, participants engaged in a variety of learning activities, including classroom theory sessions, in-person study groups, self-study, journal writing, interactive lectures, quizzes, and NCCER program final exams.

The successful completion of the program not only conferred NCCER Core Basic Construction Safety Certification but also provided participants with invaluable practical skills and soft skills training such as time management, discipline, workplace ethics, character building, teamwork, and effective communication.

The programme was specifically designed to cater to individuals with diverse entry points, including high school graduates with minimal exposure and experience, unemployed individuals, and underemployed candidates. Public and private sector industry partners are working collaboratively to secure paid work placements and employment opportunities for these trained individuals across small, medium, and large businesses within the construction industry.”

Minister of Economy and Labour Jason Hayward said, “This initiative is a testament to the Ministry’s commitment to cultivating a skilled local workforce that meets the demands of the construction industry. By equipping young Bermudians with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, and certifications, the programme ensures that Bermuda maintains a competent and capable workforce. Participants are encouraged to explore further employment opportunities through the Career Development team at the Department of Workforce Development.”

“We extend our hearty congratulations to the following young Bermudians who completed and passed the Heavy Highway Construction Asphalt training programme and NCCER Certification programme:

  • Chawki Richardson
  • Garsha Daley
  • Stevonte Young
  • Tyori Lynch
  • Quayan Watson
  • Samario Valasse
  • Justin Cameron

One participant, Mr Samario Valasse commented at the ceremony, “I really appreciated the support and life lessons that were taught along with the technical training.  The encouragement to help us to develop our own technique and to also be aware of how to be safe on the job.”

Minister Hayward went on to say, “This programme aligns seamlessly with the Ministry’s Economic Development Strategy, prioritizing investment in people, Bermuda’s Youth Employment Strategy, National Re-employment Strategy, Training and Development, and Internship Work Placement initiatives, all of which foster meaningful engagement between employers and industry stakeholders within the workforce.”

“The training and development offered through this programme directly address the demand for skilled and certified young Bermudians entering the technical and trades industry. The internship placements provided invaluable real-world application opportunities for the acquired skills, bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical application.

“By empowering our youth with the Construction and NCCER training certificates, this programme significantly contributes to reducing unemployment and unskilled labour among Bermudian youth. It marks a significant step towards a more prosperous and capable Bermuda.”

The Ministry of Economy and Labour would like to express profound gratitude to Mr. Joell, Owner and Operator of Joell Asphalt Service & Maintenance Ltd., and Ms. Allanette Hayward Eng. GMICE, along with the Training Team at the Department of Workforce Development, for their unwavering endorsement and support that led to the resounding success of the Highways Construction Asphalt and NCCER training programme.