The Cabinet Office paused to remember all who lost their lives on September 11th, in the Twin Towers in New York City and at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. 

A Cabinet Office spokesperson encouraged the community to remember in particular the Bermudians and Bermuda residents – Rhondelle Tankard, Boyd Gatton and Robert Higley – who tragically died on that day.  

The spokesperson said: “Twenty-one years ago 3,000 lives were lost on that fateful day. We pause to remember those Bermudians who died on that day. We encourage all of Bermuda to please keep the family and friends of Rhondelle, Boyd and Robert in their thoughts. They will never be forgotten.”

Meanwhile, Warwick Academy students laid a wreath in memory of alumna Rhondelle Tankard and all those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack in the United States on September 11th, 2001.

Head Boy Kwame Naylor and Head Girl Rachael Betschart

A spokesperson said: “Today we lay a wreath in memory of alumna Rhondelle Tankard and all those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack in the United States September 11th 21 years ago.

“For our younger students who may not know the history, on September 11th 2001, 19 terrorists hijacked four (4) planes. Two were crashed into the World Trade Center which were two of the tallest skyscrapers in New York City, one into the Pentagon in Washington DC and the fourth plane was brought down by heroic passengers into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Almost 3,000 people were killed that day.

“Rhondelle Tankard attended Warwick Academy from 1982-1987. She is fondly remembered by staff that still work there as a self-confident and enthusiastic young lady, who made a significant contribution to the school. She had a wonderful sense of humour along with possessing good common sense. During her time at Warwick Academy, Rhondelle excelled in music and was a member of both the orchestra and choir. She completed the Royal School of Music exams in piano, theory and violin.

“Traditionally each year the Year 13 students put together a concert that was inspired by our sixth form students after a visit to New York City. They walked to the 9/11 Memorial and were astonished when they went inside and found Rhondelle’s photo in her Warwick Academy uniform.

“They were so incredibly moved by what happened on 9/11 they decided they wanted to do a student led music concert in her memory with music that she would have loved. We have had two wonderful in person concerts and two years of a virtual concerts because of COVID. With the continuation of COVID and music not being able to be practiced for two (2) years, there was not the capacity to do a full concert this year. However 2023 will see the concert back celebrating Rhondelle’s memory. This year, Year 8 Seri Fisher has adapted Elton John’s Candle In The Wind especially for Rhondelle.”

Saltus Grammar School published this tribute on their Facebook page: “On this day, we remember all those who lost their lives so tragically in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre.

“Saltus lost two alums in the tragedy, Boyd Gatton ’80 and Robert D. Higley II ’89.

“On Monday, 12th September, Saltus will hold a small ceremony on campus.”