• The following statement was issued this morning by Senator Jason Hayward, Junior Minister of Education 

As the government seeks to grow and diversify our economy, we must ensure that our youth have every opportunity to be full participants in the economy of today and tomorrow’s Bermuda. Whether it is ensuring the education system has the resources to be effective, expanding access to higher education with more funding for scholarships and grants or ensuring we have strategies to transition our youth into the workforce through the implementation of the National Workforce Development Plan, the Government is working hard to ensure that as the economy grows Bermudians will not be left behind.

Just a few months ago the Government promised our youth and their families that we would:

  • Revive the Cabinet internship programme to secure fresh Bermudian talent for careers in the Civil Service and
  • Create opportunities for young Bermudians based in London, Brussels and Washington DC to shadow the government’s representatives and gain invaluable experience on the world stage.

Last week, the Premier announced the fulfilment of that pledge unveiling three programmes.

  1. The Workforce Development ‘Enhanced Programme,” where the top 5 Bermudian undergraduate summer student applicants will be assigned to the Cabinet office.  There they will work on significant projects in the area of policy and strategy toward the delivery of the government’s agenda to deliver a better, fairer Bermuda Government. They will also have the opportunity to serve in areas that match their areas of interest or course of study within the civil service
  2. The Summer Internship Programme, where three Bermudian postgraduate or Master’s Degree candidates will be assigned to our overseas offices for up to twelve weeks
  3. Leadership Scholars, where the top students at Cedarbridge Academy and The Berkeley Institute will be invited to accompany the Premier and the Bermuda delegation to the Heads of Government meeting in Caricom later this year.  There they will experience first-hand, the critical meetings and discussions that take place at these annual gatherings

These initiatives re-enforce the Government’s commitment to support our youth and young adults, by providing them with first-class opportunities that will assist them in developing their skill sets and gaining valuable workplace experiences, setting them on pathways to successful and fulfilling careers.

We believe that Bermudians must come first in our own country and that we cannot make the mistakes of the past where economic successes left Bermudians sidelined.  To us, a better, fairer Bermuda means our children have the education, experience and tools to get hired, advance and run our own companies right here in Bermuda.  Today, with the fulfilment of this promise and the creation of new opportunities for our youth, we are another step further along the road towards a better, fairer Bermuda.

Senator Jason Hayward