It’s back to square one after the Senate rejected the Human Rights Amendment Act, which was amended to solidify marriage as being between a man and a woman in Bermuda.

This after four Government Senators joined forces with an Independent Senator to vote against the Bill.

One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) Senators Michael Fahy, Georgia Marshall, Jeff Baron and Lynne Woolridge, joined Progressive Labour Party (PLP) Senator Kim Wilkerson and Independent Senator James Jardine who all voted against the Bill yesterday,

PLP Senators Renee Ming and Marc Daniels, OBA Senator Vic Ball, Independent Senator Joan Dillas-Wright and Senate President Carol Ann Bassett all voted in favour of the Bill, which was ultimately defeated by six votes to five, after a seven-hour debate.

Last Friday, Bermuda’s MPs in the Lower House passed the Bill amended by PLP MP Wayne Furbert. From a human rights point of view the amended Bill drew much criticism during the Senate debate.

As a result of the six to five vote the Bill will be sent back to the House of Assembly. What happens next remains to be seen.

By Ceola Wilson