Bermuda Real has received reports from local bus operators that the school bus service for the Berkeley Institute, from the west end has been suspended for the week.

Reports were sent in to this website during the early hours of Monday morning, with no official word from the school or the Department of Public Transportation (DPT).

Earlier this month, on March 2nd, Bermuda Real reported that bus operators were fed up with disruptive behaviour on board the Number 7 school bus from Dockyard to the senior school.

The DPT initiated talks with school officials after bus drivers threatened to refuse taking the route, following a spate of recent incidents, including male students jumping out of bus windows.

When it happened for a second time, the female operator called the police. When she went to move the vehicle she discovered that another student had removed the key from the ignition. Whether that key was returned remains unknown.

Other drivers cited several incidences of students using profane language while on board school buses.

Another driver said she had a bottle hurled at her bus by a student while the bus was in transit.

“Basically, these children are out of control and disrespectful,” she said.

“It’s just a matter of time before one of us gets hurt. And we feel the department has been dragging its feet on this issue.

“We’ve asked management to meet with school officials. If they don’t there will be drivers who will refuse to drive the buses assigned to the Berkeley Institute,” she added.

The week after the report was published, bus operators said security was provided. Now there’s word that they have dropped the west end roster for the Berkeley Institute for the week ahead.

Bermuda Real has fielded follow up questions to the Ministry of Transportation. We’ll have more on this report as further details becomes available.