The following statement was released on Wednesday, June 16 by the Executive and Management of the Somerset Cricket Club regarding Cup Match 2021…
Somerset Cricket Club deeply understands the historic and cultural significance of Cup Match. However, after much deliberation the SCC membership concluded that health and safety concerns pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of cricket impede the integrity of this great event.
Recent announcements related to the pandemic, along with further delays to the start of domestic league cricket, have informed SCC’s position to respectfully decline the official Challenge Letter from St GeorgeCricket Club. This letter serves as the precursor to any official Cup Match and is one of the deeply rooted traditions that govern the Classic.
It is with a heavy heart that Somerset Cricket Club withdraws from participating in this year’s Cup Match Classic. Starting as a match played between two friendly societies in 1902 to celebrate the emancipation of slavery, the event has grown in both popularity and scope. Notwithstanding the absence of the official Cup Match Classic, SCC encourages Bermuda to tap into the cultural significance and spirit of the two-day holiday.
Somerset Cricket Club further wishes to acknowledge the endeavours of St Georges Cricket Club and other stakeholders who have been working tirelessly to formulate proposals for an alternative Cup Match experience. In closing, Somerset Cricket Club wish to thank all fans and sponsors of Cup Match for their continued support over the years and look forward to 2022 with cautious optimism.
SCC Executive and Management