Somerset Cup Match Captain Jordan DeSilva said today that he is “proud” of his team that was “on the back foot” with their “backs against the wall and took a position from being in trouble to a position of a possible win” on day two of Cup Match 2019.

In an exclusive interview the day after the annual two-day classic with Bermuda Real at the Somerset Country Squire, Mr DeSilva said after all was said and done: “I am proud of my team because we were on the back-foot and had our backs against the wall on the first day of Cup Match.”

On Day Two he said: “We went from being in trouble to a position of being able to win,” he said.

He also confirmed that his team colleague, Dion Stovell, was examined and released from the hospital’s Emergency Department after examination last night.

“I’m not sure of his official medical report but I’m sure he was awake when he left via ambulance,” he said.

“I thought it was strange that the game was called after Dion was injured, but it was never officially announced. But they called the game as a draw after Dion was injured and I’m glad he’s alright.”

Asked how his colleague was doing today, he said the SCC player was cleared for release last night and cleared to travel on a pre-arranged trip out of Bermuda today.

But that wasn’t the only challenge the team faced as a team yesterday.

[DC File Photo: Dion Stovell Receiving MVP AwardMr DeSilva was asked to announce the winner of the Safe Hands Award at the presentation this year, who was SCC reserve Dalin Richardson]

The SCC Captain said the entire team came with heavy hearts on the second day after Dalin’s grandmother sadly passed away on the first night of Cup Match 2019.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

“I was very close to Dalin’s grandmother,” said Mr DeSilva.

“The team agreed to wear black arm bands and we dedicated the second day of play to Dalin’s grandmother because we feel sorry for him and entire family.”

As for the Safe Hands Award, he said: “The Safe Hands award – this might be something to make his holiday better in spite of his loss.

“And we send our condolences to his entire family,” he added.

As for retaining the cup for another year, he said: “Not every year is the same – every year is different and I stand by the decision to send them into bat.

“We didn’t know what the wicket wicket was. the same wicket that was good for batsmen on the first day became bowler-friendly on the second day.”

This interview was conducted briefly while he was waiting for his SCC team members to meet him at the Somerset Country Squire for lunch before the motorcade from SCC.

That motorcade was scheduled to begin just after 3pm at SCC heading further west first, before moving on to other parishes, including the east end.

When asked about the prevailing message for Bermudians to continue to support the true meaning of Cup Match in the years ahead, Mr DeSilva noted that on the first day of Cup Match 2019, “the attendance” was not what he was used to.

He also stated that when it comes down to SCC playing as challengers on the home field of St George’s “it’s never easy”.

“We go in knowing the wicket is done how they want it, so there’s a bit of an unknown factor and we’re always more comfortable at home.”

Asked if it was time for new rules and perhaps a change to limited overs for Cup Match, he said: “It need to stay the way it is because there are more wins than draws on the record, and in opening cricket it should stay the way it is,” said Mr DeSilva.

Tyler DeSilva, Jordan’s Baby Brother – Somerset Country Squire

Moving forward, he said: “I hope to be at the helm again next year.”

As for St George’s Captain Lionel Can saying this may well be his year of retirement, the SCC Captain said: “He sounded like he was finished and we’ll see.

“He’s had a good career and whenever he retires, it should be on his terms.”

Asked how he was feeling the day after Cup Match 2019, while waiting to join his colleagues for lunch at Country Squire in Sandys, he said he was “feeling a bit tired, not just after the first day, but especially after Friday”.

“To especially come back with the team on Friday – at the end of the day we put ourselves in a position where it would have been difficult to win after the first day.

“After the first day and then the second day,” he said: “If it was anybody who was going win it was us.”

Since his victory last year, Mr DeSilva became a father of a baby girl who is not quite two-years-old yet.

Asked how she spent the 2019 Cup Match holiday, he smiled and said: “She doesn’t know anything about Cup Match yet.”

But all your fans do – and guess what – Thank You for Returning the Cup back to Somerset – win, lose or draw – it is what it is!

  • Feature Photos Taken by Tyler DeSilva & Bermuda Real