Sargasso Sea Delivery has moved to set the record straight in follow up comments made on the local social circuit after TNN published details on an incident involving one of their delivery agents at a Harrington Sound residence.

A spokesperson said: “One of our agents (black male) was held at gunpoint by a white man and by knifepoint a white woman. They took pictures and video of his ID and car. They said that their area had been subject to burglaries and approached him armed even after he identified himself.

“He did the best thing and complied and left the area immediately once they returned his belongings. Our General Manager was in immediate contact with the police to report the incident and they did make an arrest that night.

“The agent was not harmed in any way besides a little shaken up. This was not a robbery or a targeted attack. This in no way condones them holding him up with weapons and taking pictures of his property. We will ensure that this matter is dealt with to the full extent!

“This was a first for Sargasso and it is definitely not something that we want to get used to. We have followed up with the police but they have not been very forthcoming with any information. Furthermore, I personally called three times on the day of incident and was advised that the inspector would call back.

“The company has not received any calls or emails for follow up. We aim to have justice served.”

The Bermuda Police Service has confirmed that the firearm in question was “a replica of a firearm”.

Police also confirmed that a 41-year-old-man was arrested, following the confrontation that occurred on Wednesday (October 28).

A court appearance is anticipated early next week but the police said no further information will be released.

TNN also reported that the man in question “is believed to be a former police officer”.