Jamaica Observer: KINGSTON, JA – Sanchez believes the time has come for a new generation of singers to carry reggae music’s mantle.

“Most of the great singers have passed away. It’s only a handful of us left in the business right now. After we are gone who’s going to be here to keep reggae music alive? There needs to be another generation of great singers on the rise and I don’t see that happening right now,” said Sanchez.

The veteran reggae singer — known for songs such as Forever, Never Dis Di Man, Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone and Chronic — said he’s worried about the current state of reggae music.

“The music is not the same anymore; everyone is singing on two-chord rhythms. I don’t hear anyone trying to make great songs anymore. I don’t see anyone striving for excellence musically,” lamented Sanchez.

He added, “From the earliest days of my career, I knew I wanted to be a great singer. Even before I sang my first hit, I knew that I was going to be one of the greats. The hunger for success and self-confidence drove me to work hard to achieve my goals,” he said.

Sanchez is currently promoting a new single titled Called Me. It was produced by Freddie Kruger and released on Kruger Di Reggae Riddim compilation album. The set — which also features songs from several other artistes, including Mykal Rose, Wayne Wade and Hugh Brown — was released by Drop Di Bass Records on February 14.

“This is a wonderful song. I am pleased with the response that it’s generating. I want the fans to know that they can expect a lot of new songs from me this year. Over the past few years, my heavy touring schedule has not allowed me to put out a lot of new singles but this year is going to be different. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m not touring so I’m spending a lot more time in the studio now,” he said.