Salvation Army executives and City of Hamilton officials joined Goverment Ministers Davis Burch and Tinee Furbert this week for the official launch of the Salvation Army’s Annual Christmas Kettle Campaign.

Speaking on the steps s of City Hall, Minister of Public Works, David Burch said it was an honour “to participate in the beginning of a cherished tradition“.

“For years, I have witnessed the dedication of The Salvation Army in uplifting our community, ensuring that shelter, sustenance, and comfort during the holiday season and beyond is available to Bermudians.

This Christmas, The Salvation Army echoes a poignant wish – that no individual in our midst should endure homelessness, hunger, or solitude,“ he added.

“They have set forth on a noble mission, seeking to extend a helping hand to those grappling with the basic necessities of human dignity. It’s a plea for solidarity, a call to action, urging us all to play our part in fostering hope, dignity, and joy within our Bermudian families, not just during this festive season but throughout the year.

“The Annual Kettle Campaign embodies the lifeblood of The Salvation Army’s endeavours. It serves as the cornerstone, providing vital resources essential to support families in their time of need, not just at Christmas but persistently, tirelessly, through each passing day. It is through this campaign that the seeds of compassion and aid are sown – nurturing the most vulnerable among us.“

The Minister went on to say that he was “immensely proud to affirm the Government’s steadfast support for this noble cause“.

“We recognise the tireless efforts of The Salvation Army and the monumental impact they have on the lives of those who require it most across our island home.

“However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the backbone of this compassion lies within our local communities – in your generosity, your unwavering support, and your willingness to extend a hand to your fellow citizens in times of need.

“The commitment of this Government toward ensuring the shelter and well-being of our homeless citizens is solid. Together, in collaboration with the Salvation Army, we’ve taken significant strides to provide quality transitional housing and essential support programmes for the most vulnerable members of our society.

“I am particularly proud to reflect on the milestones achieved in our partnership with the Salvation Army,“ said Col Burch.

“Last year, alongside the Minister of Youth, Social Development and Seniors, Tinée Furbert, we opened the new accommodations at the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter on North Street in Hamilton.

“During my visit to the facility, it was evident that these new buildings, now under Salvation Army management, have substantially expanded their capacity to provide housing, offering sanctuary for fourteen individuals in each facility, thereby increasing the total new beds available to twenty-eight. This stands as a testament to our collective effort in ensuring a safer and more secure environment for those in need,“ he added.

“Our pledge to support charitable organisations like the Salvation Army transcends political divides. It is a testament to our shared dedication to partner with private sector organisatons to serve the greater good and address the pressing needs of our community.

“With the holiday season fast approaching, I hope that all residents will collectively demonstrate the true essence of the holiday spirit by coming together and supporting The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign. I will do so by making the first donation now.“whatsapp sharing button