The Head of Family Services at the Salvation Army today issued a warmhearted bit thank you to the family of stations at Inter-Island Communications, for the “huge” support from members of the community towards the army’s annual Christmas Family Support programme.

For the second consecutive year, Glen and Gwen Blakeney invited residents to donate non-perishable goods and toys for the army’s Santa Anonymous gift drive to bring a bit of joy to children in families in need.

Promos calling for community support were aired on both Hott 107.5 and Magic 102.7 FM.

When contacted by Bermuda Real this morning, Family Services Manager Lynn Gordon extended a personal thank you to the station’s staff for their support.

“Thanks to Mr & Ms Glen Blakeney, the Bermuda Hospitals Board, and last but not Beverley Howell, for the event that took place outside of Hott 107.5 on Friday, December 8th. 

“It was a huge success! The public came through with bells on and you could feel the Christmas spirit outside the station along with the world renowned Salvation Army kettle on the sidewalk,” she said.

“For those who had time when dropping off were encouraged to go into the studio with Beverley and give a Christmas shout out over the air to family and friends.”

Ms Gordon said the final numbers are not in yet due to the fact that there are always late comers.

“We always put something aside to give out after our main distribution date which will be held on Wednesday, December 20th this year,” she said.

“As it looks now our numbers seem to be down a bit. A few of the clients that we have spoken with said they didn’t require assistance this year. And what’s really nice is that they asked us to give it someone who is really in need.”

Distribution to the Government Departments including Child and Family Services will be held this Friday, December 15th. Seniors and sponsored families will receive their Christmas goods, including grocery vouchers and poultry on Monday, December 18th. And members of the public who signed up for support will receive their goods on December 20th.

Residents should also know that the Salvation Army Christmas programme is not operating out of the usual location this year. This year they’re operating out of the Visitor’s Centre at Botanical Gardens.

  • Photo Courtesy of Salvation Army