News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Run to Read, a charitable initiative via Knowledge Quest and organised by a young Bermudian, encouraged islanders to raise money to support Bermudian students during the pandemic. A total of $16,500 was raised and this sum has now been matched by the Green Family Scholarship fund for a total of $32,500.

The money raised by the July event, created and organised by Allison Parry, will be put towards ‘Run to Read’ Scholar, Veronica Swan-DeGraff. Ms Parry was formerly a recipient of the Green Family Scholarship and wanted to pay it forwards. She chose Ms Swan-DeGraff as the recipient: a Bermudian studying biomedical science at AdventHealth University in Florida, whose studies and support system have been disrupted by the global pandemic.
Ms Swan-DeGraff is in her second year of her studies and hopes to become a doctor of radiology serving Bermuda.
Run to Read was created by Ms Parry in response to the global pandemic of COVID-19 which has had a huge impact on students – many of whom work summer jobs in industries that have been hard hit and now face months of online study. Over the month of July, 21 participants ran, walked and swam more than 800 miles with 151 donors supporting their efforts.
Allison Parry, organiser of Run to Read, said: “I am so grateful to our island for recognising the importance of this fundraiser and coming together to support a young Bermudian student who was unable to work this summer due to COVID-19. Veronica has dedicated many hours of her life to volunteer work, and she is extremely deserving of this scholarship.”
Veronica Swan-DeGraff, the recipient of the scholarship, said: “I am truly grateful for being awarded the Run to Read Scholarship. I want to express my greatest gratitude towards Knowledge Quest, Ms. Parry, the Green family and all those who helped raise money for this scholarship. I look forward to continuing my education and to making you all proud!”
Andrew Green said: “Allison Parry’s achievement and considerably compassion for those students affected by the global pandemic of Covid-19 is truly impressive and we are proud to match, via Knowledge Quest, all monies raised. We believe that education is incredibly important, and we are pleased to be able to support Bermudians studying abroad, particularly
those who are committed to returning to Bermuda and sharing their newfound knowledge with us all. We wish Veronica Swan-DeGraff the best of luck in her studies and we expect to see great things from her.”