National Security Minister Wayne Caines will be seeing the regiment contingent off at 7am this morning when a group of 30 Royal Bermuda Regiment (RBR) soldiers set out on a hurricane relief mission in the Caribbean.

A RAF Hercules transporter will be flying them direct to Providenciales, one of the small islands in Turks and Caicos, and then on to Grand Turk.

Emergency supplies, equipment and vehicles will follow in another RAF transporter scheduled to leave Bermuda on Saturday.

The RBR contingent includes disaster recovery experts, Guns and Assault Pioneers and soldiers trained as Special Constables, and soldiers trained with specialist construction skills with chainsaw operators and first aid specialists.

According to RBR Adjutant Captain Duncan Simons said: “It is a testament to the organisational skills of the RBR that we are packed and ready to go at such short notice.

“Our soldiers will hit the ground running and do everything they can to help our friends and neighbours in the Caribbean to recover from this devastating blow,” he added.

He also noted that  the RBR can “deploy a multi-skilled plantoon-strength group abroad without affecting our ability to respond to any natural disasters at home”.

They will join soldiers from the British Army’s Royal Engineers attached to the elite Royal Marines’ 3 Commando Brigade, as part of Britain’s massive Operation Ruman humanitarian aid effort.

  • RBR File Photo