Call it a clash of the titans, but it’s a clash that as of the start of this week, marks the second round of heated discussions, live on Court Street between Bermuda’s only Olympic Bronze medalist Clarence Hill and Sports Minister Michael Weeks.

Bermuda Real first heard of this latest incident from FRESH TV, where Elmore Warren, on his morning show, spoke of the incident.

Apparently, a young man approached Mr Hill and asked him what the government plans to do on plans disclosed by the former Minister, Zane DeSilva, for a gym, where the former boxing champion could train would-be boxers.

Mr Weeks was nearby and Mr Hill told the young man to go ask the Minister himself. So, he did.

It wasn’t long before the Minister and Mr Hill were back at it again.

When contacted for the follow up by Bermuda Real, Mr Weeks issued the following statement:

“The short answer is simply Clarence Hill is fed up with how long it has taken to acknowledge his exploits.

“I have undertaken to right this perceived wrong and unfortunately I have only been in this seat for seven (7) months.

“He and others are frustrated with not having been recognized  – I question the motive of some.

“It was suggested by some that I should have given Clarence the same $10k that I gave Nicky Saunders and Flora Duffy – silly of me for thinking that Mr Hill deserved something more and as such the process has taken longer than I had hoped.”

He also noted that “people approach me everyday inquiring about the status of Mr Hill”.

“I respond by saying that it is ongoing,” he said.

Asked, whether he shared the sentiment held by others that recovering addicts should be made to pay for their past for the rest of their lives, he said: “It is ludicrous and insulting to suggest that I would feel that recovering addicts should ‘pay’ for the rest of their lives’.

“My background which includes the youth center, family members having fought addiction and my own history as a drug/alcohol counselor.”

While discussing the incident live on TV, Mr Warren also stated that he personally, made a recommendation that would address the matter of what is to become of Bermuda’s only Olympic medalist.

Asked for his response, Mr Weeks said: “Mr Warren to my recollection made no such recommendation.

“Having said that, there have been numerous suggestions put forward by various ‘men on the street’. I cannot speak for any other Minister but as for me I showed commitment to ‘fixing’ this issue’.”

The Minister concluded: “Through all of this and regardless of title/position, I too have earned and should be given at the least the respect that I give. 

“However you wish to report please do,” he added.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, to put what Mr Weeks, Clarence Hill said: “That’s garbage.”

He also agreed to tell his side of the story on how he feels about the whole ordeal, in Round 3 LIVE on Fresh TV, via the Bermuda News Syndicate next week!

As soon as we confirm the date and time we’ll let you know so stay tuned!