The auditorium had to be emptied sending the crowd rushing outside the Piccadilly Theatre after part of the roof collapsed, Images by PA

A live performance at London’s Piccadilly Theatre during a performance of Death Of A Salesman, literally turned into a near-death experience when the roof collapsed onto the audience this evening.

Mail Online reports tonight: “The West End auditorium had to be evacuated just 20 minutes into the show after a chunk of the ceiling fell onto members of the audience.

“Several spectators suffered minor injuries after the incident and witnesses described hearing screams from nearby audience members in the Grand Circle.

“More than 1,000 people were evacuated from the popular venue, the Met Police said.

“Emergency services were called to the theatre shortly before 8pm. The Metropolitan Police said a ‘few’ people had suffered minor injuries and that emergency services remained on scene.

“The show had to be cancelled while the ceiling was inspected and made safe for the public to return,” the report added.

“Screams were heard from audience members in the Grand Circle when a chunk of the theatre’s ceiling (pictured) fell onto the crowd this evening.

“A video posted on social media showed firefighters arriving at the scene and closing off the road outside before rushing into the venue.”