Robert King emerged victorious as the new One Bermuda Alliance MP for Smith’s North last night, saying he was “extremely exhausted” after “one heck of a journey”.

At the end of the day he secured 209, defeating independent candidate Sir John Swan, who obtained 184 votes and the Progressive Labour Party’s Lindsay Simmons, who came in with 181 votes.

After all was said and done, Mr King said: “First of all, it’s been an incredible race with three stellar candidates who were running for the betterment of the country.

“We are all people of service and the people have spoken and given me a mandate to do the work for Constituency 10.

“It’s an incredible moment, I’ve had an incredible team behind me supporting me, but more importantly, I have work to do now for C10 and I’ve talked about before,” he added.

“Right now I’m extremely exhausted…it’s been a heck of a journey and there’ll be more comments to come.

“Basically, right now, it’s celebrating with the incredible team that we have and tomorrow lots of statements and everything else.

“Right now, I am absolutely exhausted.”

Asked if the support for Sir John had an effect on the OBA, he said: “Sure it did. Instead of having two, you have three strong candidates.

“It’s basically a horse race with three favourites.

“The result is as I hoped it would be, maybe a little closer than I expected, but the result was what I expected it would be.”

A total of 574 votes were cast:

Robert King, OBA: 209 votes (36.41 per cent)

Sir John Swan, Independent184 votes (32.06 per cent)

Lindsay Simmons, PLP: 181 votes (31.53 per cent)

Total vote count: 574 (registered voters 1,275)